Riverland Community College students expanding food pantry

By Jeremiah Wilcox


AUSTIN, Minn.-It's no joke, college is expensive.
Between paying for books and tuition, many students don't have enough left over to buy food.
For the last year Riverland Community College has worked to tackle food insecurity, with a food pantry at the school.
Food insecurity is all too real for Oballa Oballa.
He's a student at Riverland who has dealt with food insecurity.

“I have to buy my books the book cost a lot obviously do I don't want to miss my class. Because without those books I cannot go to class and at the same time I paid all that money and the only money that I have left with I think was a dollar fifty something,” He said.

He tells us he doesn't want others to feel the pain of deciding between whether to eat or go to school.

The pantry is expanding its services to both the Austin and Albert Lea campuses.

For Oballa, he’s will traveling across the state to assist other community colleges with developing their own campus food pantry.

“No one should go hungry.”

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