Freeborn County deputies to get body cameras

By Jeremiah Wilcox

Mon Sep 10 18:29:39 PDT 2018

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- The Freeborn County board of commissioners voted to purchase 14 new body cameras for deputies.
The body cameras will be for deputies out on the streets and seven will be for detention deputies and there will be one extra in case of emergencies.
Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag tells KIMT this is a way to create transparency between citizens and law enforcement.
“It’s a great tool for us to bring a greater chance for successful prosecution in a case.”
One person who looks forward to the county getting body cameras is Cody Shawn.
He tells KIMT he was just released from jail a week ago.
From his experience, he said sometimes the words officers say don't match to what actually happened.
“I’ve been in several situations ... the prosecutors or the police write it up how the prosecutors say it in court and they take it to the extreme,” said Shawn.
To get the video,  the sheriff's office has to first complete the investigation  before they release anything.
The body cameras are expected to come later this year or in early January.