BDPA Southern Minnesota celebrates minority students

By Jeremiah Wilcox

Sun Sep 09 21:06:29 PDT 2018


ROCHESTER, Minn.- Today the organization highlighted students who won second place in the national computer competition.
Students also heard from former members turned App developers.
The BDPA helped a young startup company called FAVR.
“We help mentor them and help them,” said BDPA President Ebenezer Kyei-Baffour.

Creator Solomon Antoine tells KIMT it started out of the app as a means to make extra money.
“I turned 18 and I wanted to be an Uber driver and in the middle of the process Uber was like hey you're too young and you haven't had your license long enough... I was like oh well that's kind of stupid,” Antonie said “So I was like you know what i'm going to make my own ride sharing app.”

Months later, the app was changed into a chore app.
FAVR is an app that connects local residents with people who are willing to complete chores for them.

The former members spoke to students.
Antonie Tells KIMT that although its good idea for most students to go to college. Antonie said that college isn’t a necessity to become successful.

“I personally feel like if you work hard and hustle you’ll be successful.”

BDPA says they are open to all people regardless of race or sex.
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