Congressman King says key to tariffs is to resolve Chinese intellectual property theft

By Brian Tabick

Wed Aug 01 20:32:29 PDT 2018


GARNER, Iowa- Iowa Congressman Steve King was in Garner on Wednesday where he discussed tariffs Chinese leaders put in place in response to President Trunp’s tariffs on steel and aluminum.
Congressman King said farmers are already feeling the impacts of these tariffs despite President Trump saying he won’t hurt agricultural. And King said North Iowa is feeling it the hardest.
Despite $12 billion federal aid to farmers, King said he is not in support of the tariffs or changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement. He said the trade troubles probably won’t end until an issue regarding the Chinese stealing intellectual property from the US is resolved.
“To the President, if he can resolve the theft of intellectual property by Chinese IP pirates, he can have a better chance of fixing the trade issue in Asia,” Congressman King said. “There seems to be a couple of little openings, but at this point I don’t see momentum in that direction.”
Congressman King said he is still waiting to learn from the USDA when the $12 billion will be available for farmers and who will be able to access the aid.