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Exploring the outdoors with KIMT's Katie Lange: Niagara Cave

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HARMONY, Minn. - Are you looking for a way to cool of this summer? How about heading underground for an adventure to check out a part of nature you don't see from above ground. We're taking a look at the beauty of Niagara Cave.

There's something about being hundreds of feet under the ground; the cool air, the sound of running water, and history preserved in stone. It leaves you awestruck as you pass through carved limestone walls that are millions of years old. The history of this underground treasure was first discovered in 1924.

"It was just a farmer's pasture and many people know the story about how the pigs fell into a sinkhole in the property and the farmer went to rescue his pigs that fell in the sinkhole and discovered the cave system down below," explained Niagara Cave's Owner, Mark Bishop.

At its deepest, Niagara Cave is 200-feet below the surface. The destructive forces of nature carved the paths for you to follow today, winding half a mile. Owner Mark Bishop shares how the cave was constructed.

"The cave was formed by an underground stream. The stream still flows through the cave today. The cave has many stalactites, stalagmites, and fossils in the cave - an underground waterfall in the system as well," said Bishop.

Standing atop the 50-foot waterfall you quickly realize how fortunate you are to have something so magnificent so close to home.

"Most people are really impressed. They are surprised they come out to this little tiny town out in the middle of nowhere and they go down there and it is way more impressive than they ever expected," exclaimed Bishop.

Unlike most caves, Niagara Cave isn't home to any bats.

Along your damp, dark hike through the cave you'll encounter narrow passageways, an echo chamber, and remains of snails, squids, and ancient algae.

Niagara Cave has been rated as one of the top caves in the world.

In 2024, the cave will be the site of the National Cave Association Convention.

You can make your trip to the cave all the more memorable over 400 weddings have been underground.

Reservations can be made online – if you're interested in touring the cave.

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