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Mower County GOP says Jim Hagedorn will seek reelection

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AUSTIN, Minn.- Representative Jim Hagedorn is seeking reelection after it was revealed by the Mower County GOP at its caucus event on Tuesday at 7 p.m. 

Mower County GOP Chairman Doran Kasel told KIMT he is "absolutely running again." 

"Yes he is, he absolutely is. We got a message, a video from him, so our caucus goers get to hear a video. He is looking good and so we get to see what he looks like and how is doing," Kasel said. 

Tuesday's caucuses had high stakes for the Minnesota GOP as party leaders tried to figure out which candidate would prevail as a gubernatorial favorite. 

In Mower County, GOP voters chose Doctor Scott Jensen as their favorite with 51 votes. 

Minnesota State Senator Paul Gazelka came in second with 21 votes. 

Doctor Neil Shah came in third with 19 votes. 

The Mower County DFL held its in person caucus at Riverland Community College and was among one of the few DFL arms holding an in person caucus. 

A large portion of DFL arms from across the state held a contactless caucus format, instead asking DFL voters to fill out a non attendee form.

The form asked voters if they want to be a delegate, hold a party chair or push a single issue item to the party's convention.

At the DFL caucus, former Austin Mayor Tom Stiehm announced he will be going up against Representative Patricia Mueller this fall. 

Stiehm said one of his main priorities is improve public safety. 

"You know being a former police officer has to be number one. When I was at the department we used to have 80 to a 100 people applying for jobs. Last cycle we had one applicant. We had to go out and search for people to take our jobs and I know the police feels like there is a war on police right now everything you see on the news is anti police anti police and I think we need to change that," Stiehm said. 

Public safety is also a top priority for Mower County GOP voters. 

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