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Gov. Walz touts vaccine incentive campaign as Rochester surpasses state's vaccine goal

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ROCHESTER, Minn. - As Governor Tim Walz made his way to Rochester Friday afternoon to highlight how his “Your Shot at Summer” campaign will incentivize vaccinations the city of Rochester says it's committed to getting anyone who is still considering a COVID vaccine to book an appointment.

City council president and acting mayor Brooke Carlson says Rochester has really been a shining example across Minnesota as around 95% of those 65 and older have been vaccinated and 80% of those 16 and older have gotten a shot.

Those numbers surpass the state’s goal of having 70% vaccinated by July 1. Carlson says that shows how Rochester has really prioritized health and protecting friends and neighbors.

Carlson explained, “Obviously we center our community around health, and how that's played out during COVID is particularly evident. So, I think he wanted to come to a place where we have put in the work and our community commitment to show what it means to really reach that level.”

She also hopes the incentives to get vaccinated will be another push to get those putting off getting a shot to book an appointment.

Carlson added, “I think the state of Minnesota did a nice job in identifying things that are of the interest of Minnesotans you know, state fair tickets, and going to the zoo and gift cards to just go out to dinner and be active and get out and enjoy this Minnesota summer which we all treasure so much.”

Governor Walz spoke at Mayo Field around noon on Friday. He says the goal of the campaign is to help Minnesota reach a vaccination rate of 70% for those 16 and older by July 1.

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