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Some Residents Concerned About ICE Raids

KIMT News Three's Alex Jirgens is finding out what you need to know.

Posted: Jul 12, 2019 6:07 PM
Updated: Jul 12, 2019 6:07 PM

Speech to Text for Some Residents Concerned About ICE Raids

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ice raids-stngr-2 nationwide ice raids are set to begin this weekend... with the feds rounding up undocumented immigrants in major u-s cities. the trump administration's stated goal is to focus on criminals - still, there are plenty of people worried the feds could go much further. kimt news 3's alex jirgens spoke with people in hampton today about the impact raids would have there. he joins us live - alex? xxx ice raids-lintro-2 amy - hampton has population that is about 22 percent hispanic or latino - according to the most recent census. with plans of nationwide raids set to begin as soon as this weekend - some may have questions as to what local law enforcement's role is...and what people should do if visited by an ice agent. i set out to find answers. xxx ice raids-lpkg-1 lowerthird2line:some residents concerned about ice raids hampton, ia at la luz hispana - aimee hanson and claudia rivera provide resources to newly arrived immigrants. lowerthird2line:aimee hanson associate director, la luz hispana "we have 3 levels of english classes, we have one spanish class. we have lots of activities, kids, families, cooking nights. we do a lot." ice raids-lpkg-7 upcoming federal raids will target 10 large cities - but there is fear in this small community too. "from what i'm seeing, it's not always the intention of executing the law. it's creating a culture of fear that would push people in the shadows, push people out of the community and isolate them, and create such a fear that they're not viable members of the community." police chief robert schaefer says such raids are rare in hampton. local police, he says, are limited in how much assistance they can provide to ice. lowerthird2line:robert schaefer hampton police chief "if there is somebody in the community that they're looking for or what the address might be, other than that, they usually tell us that hey we're going to be in town, don't necessarily know where they might be at, but they're going to be in town because they might be looking for somebody." ice raids-lpkg-8 once in ice custody--- people can be difficult to find. the chief says there is help available. "there are resources for if you're trying to find where your family member is in the system. there's a lot of movement of people detained, so families don't always know where their family is located." / ice raids-ltag-2 i was given a know your rights card - which states that those questioned can invoke the right to remain silent - do not consent to searches or tests - and if they wish, to contact their immigration legal representative - to name a few. it also includes a space to write your name and date of birth. live in hampton - alex jirgens - kimt news 3. / thank you alex. house speaker nancy pelosi reiterated to evangelical and faith based organizations to step in and urge president trump to not carry out ice raids - saying that quote... "...this brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart." according to the new york times - officials say authorities will try not to split up detained families. /
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