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Gov. Walz Talks Funding After Floods

Walz got to examine the extent of the damage done by recent rainfall

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 5:57 PM
Updated: Jul 11, 2019 5:57 PM

Speech to Text for Gov. Walz Talks Funding After Floods

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in a flooded street. (mos) this happened in like a couple of hours. pretty crazy. i think i might book the next flight back to australia. this san francisco family is also headed home. :40á:45 (michelle reid/tourist) we were going to stay until saturday but now we're going to leave tomorrow to make sure we're safe :46á:52 (hilary lane/new orleans) the city is not planning to evacuate... but new orleans police are =imploring= residents to shelter in place. :53á:59 (supt. sean ferguson/n.o. police) please remain in your homes. do not go out, do not drive in flooded streets, do not drive in standing water while the storm gathers strength, the flood protection authority has been cloc i f.svg ce ougrour corner of minnesota t weekááá the governor venutured south from st. paul today for a first hand look at byron and mantorville. kimt news 3's jeremiah wilcox spent his day with governor tim walz and has this report. káiámát news three's jeremiah keeps us up to date with what the governor has in store for the community hit hard. reporter:<that rain storm was like no other. look at this road i'm standing on here in byron. it wasn't just one... but two heavy rain events caused this disastrous damage. now the governor is stepping in to offer help rebuild infrastructur e. > vo: torrential downpours ravaged parts of southern minnesota. sot: there was water everywhere roads i never seen under water. vo:some areas were swamped by nearly seven inches of rain. the week before that, four to eight inches drenched olmsted county. some roads and bridges remain closed, causing a major inconvenience for rex edge and other drivers. sot: there's two major county roads to go south on both of them were closed. i had to come all the way over to county or highway 57 through mantorville to make it across the zumbro river. vo:today governor walz spoke to communities looking to bounce back. sot: i know these flooding events are incredibily difficult. there's nothing worse than a wet basement with everything flooded. vo:the first rainstorm caused over 800áthousand dollars in destruction in dodge county. the second hit is expected to push that number over oneámillion. in olmsted county... they're still trying to assess the damage... with no help from fema. reporter: to fix some of these bridges and roads counties will have to get help from the state. vo:governor walz discussed funding coming from a disaster contingency account for public infrastruce. for homeowners whose private property was hit by mother nature could get a low to no interest loan to rebuild. sot: lets streamline and kind of focus these so they're not told to run to 15 different agencies or put in 100 different applications. vo:volunteers and crews are now working to rebuild damaged communities. oxbow park saw dozens of volunteers putting in long hours to rebuild the park. reporter: they're governor walz said he has concerns about the local economy impacted by the floodááá but maintains southern minnesota's economyááá as he put itááá "flows into the rest of the state."
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