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Interfaith vigil to remember New Zealand

Fifty people were killed in the attack. Now people in Minnesota are honoring the victims.

Posted: Mar. 21, 2019 10:47 PM
Updated: Mar. 21, 2019 10:47 PM

Speech to Text for Interfaith vigil to remember New Zealand

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kimt news 3 at 10á i'm katie lange. and i'm george mallet./// those stories are just ahead... but first tonight á remembering lives lost. just six days ago á a gunman unleashed the deadlist shooting in new zealand's history.. fifty people were killed between two mosques in christchurch... and now á the country's prime minister is taking new zealand will ban all military style semiáautomatic weapons. we will also ban all assault rifles. the new law will officially be in place by next month... but a sales ban is already in effect. buyback options will be created for people who already own the banned weapons... and the ban does (not include weapons commonly used by farmers and hunters. family and friends are still burying loved ones lost in the attacks... and people across the world want them to know they're not natural sound:silence more than 10á thousand people marched through duná eden á new zealand in complete silence today.... heading to a vigil to remember the victims. kimt news 3's brooke mckivergan spent the evening at a vigil right here in southern minnesota tonight... she joins us well katie and george á this isnt the first time minnesotans have come together to remember the lives lost last week. remember back to sunday á when kimt news 3 brought you to the scene of this vigil... now á people in winona are taking time to honor those victims "we are not afraid" tonight the winona community is gathering in solidarity and respectful silence "" represented are prayers from different religions, and walks of life "god give us the strength to work towards the good of all humanity." it is a somber gathering of remembrance for the victims of the shocking mosque shootings in new zealand. "nat" the imam of the mosque in winona believes we have more in common than we may know. "that's what i emphasize always. we need to emphasize on commonalities more than differences. the more we emphasize on the commonality then all of these would be mute points." and the senior pastor at the congregationa l church believes, no matter our faith, we are all cut from the same cloth. "an interfaith gathering like this is a reminder to us and to everyone that we are all part of god's creation and that we stand with one another no matter how we worship god or how we define god." tonight is all about embracing tolerance, respect and common ground. "they need to know their neighbors they need to know their fellow human beings to see who and what they are and develop imam hamid tells me muslims greet each other by saying the word "salam" which means peace. i think we could all use some of that./// thank you brooke, and everyone who attended tonights serivce was also asked to sign a card. that will be sent to the winona islamic center./// parents of children with autism know raising such a child
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