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Initiative looks to expand access to broadband internet

If the measure is approved, $70 million would be used to supply rural communities with new broadband infrastructure.

Posted: Mar 20, 2019 5:36 PM
Updated: Mar 20, 2019 5:36 PM

Speech to Text for Initiative looks to expand access to broadband internet

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necessity. but some rural communities still go without stong broadband. that's why minnesota governor tim walz is looking to expand access to high- speed internet. k-i-m-t news three's jeremiah wilcox joins us live in the rochester newsroom - as he learns more about the goal to provide all residents with broadband budget-lintro-2 that's right... i'm here in the rochester newsroom where if the internet went down...i wouldn't be able to do my job. i spoke to state representatives about the push for stronger broadband and how the governor wants to invest 70-million dollars to make it broadband budget-pkg-1 broadband budget-pkg-3 vo:for college students kate murphy and jimmy cooper the internet is an everyday necessity. broadband budget-pkg-2 sot: it's super important schools kind of rely on the internet to submit assignments and access the materials we need. broadband budget-pkg-4 vo: they tell me that they rely on the internet for everything from studying to entertainment. they couldn't imagine not having strong internet access. sot: the internet is everywhere i mean it's everything vo:but a lack of access is a reality for many people in rural communities. governor tim walz wants to invest 70-million dollars to fix the probelm.. sot: for people who just want access to the web for entertainment but also for economic development and growth and growing their businesses this is a really big prioity for us vo:in 20-14 - the state set a goal to provide stronger broadband by 20-22. both the state and these college students see strong broadband as a right all minnesotans should have. sot: i think it's super important that people in rural communities have access to internet that's why libraries are great and after school programs are great but not everyone can afford that / broadband budget-ltag-2 if approved - half of the funding would be distributed in 20-22... and the other half would be distributed in 20-26. reporting live in the rochester newsroom jeremiah wilcox kimt news 3. / / thanks jeremiah. the initiative is expected to help nearly 200-thousand people and businesses gain access to reliable internet. /
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