Aerators off in Clear Lake draws plenty of opinions

Here are opinions on both sides.

Posted: Feb. 22, 2019 8:51 AM
Updated: Feb. 22, 2019 8:51 AM

Speech to Text for Aerators off in Clear Lake draws plenty of opinions

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fishers gather their buckets and tents and hit the ice hoping to reel in the big one. but now the iowa department of natrual resoruces is under fire after turning the aerators off in clear lake. káiámát news three's brian tabick is learning on the scene natural sound craig kramer is spending the day looking for the perfect place to fish. natural sound oh we got one little perch so far and a few other little perch but he's not from the areaáá and didn't know this portion of clear lake has an aerator... something he thinks is vital to keep fish alive during the winter months. <i'm sure it's slowing the fish down the oxygen levels lower because i know this morning when i was drilling holes it took all my power auger to get through > the aerators are basically insurance for the wildlife underneath the ice and allows my place to get oxygen if they need it so i turn them off decision that doesn't make anybody happy scott grummer is a biologist with the iowa department of natural resources á and he's the one who has to make the tough call. but he says he made it a while ago á in late december á and he chose to turn them off because the lake didn't freeze over as early as it usually does. when you get a thick blanket of snow that starts in november and doesn't leave until march that's when we have dissolved oxygen issues. grummer says no one could have predicted the brutal winter that followed the mild start. but that doesn't mean he regrets his decision á and it's too late to turn them back on now. <in winter air ration you can actually do more damage by turning them back on midwinter that's what you can either run from the start and don't stop but if you stop it's nothing that you can turn on and off > but being an experienced fisher.... kramer says they never should've been turned off in the first place. i know there's grummer says he doesn't expect a fish kill this year in clear lake. one reason why á is because of the tens of millions of dollars spent on water quality initiatives á designed to make the lake more resiliant.///
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