Noisy Christmas toys

The Sight and Hearing Association is warning parents with the release of their annual noisy toys list.

Posted: Dec 15, 2018 9:41 PM
Updated: Dec 15, 2018 9:41 PM

Speech to Text for Noisy Christmas toys

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you might using this weekend to finish up buying gifts for loved ones. but what happens when toys could be harmful to your child? that's what the 'sight and hearing association' is warning parents about with their release of their annual noisy toys list. kimt news 3's isabella basco has the scoop on how to protect your child's toy stores offer many options for christmas gifts but what happens when the gadgets could hurt your child's hearing? "i feel like so mad and it hurts in my eardrum cause it's like so loud." julia dick could do without the ringing in the ears she endures when her brother bangs on his drum kit. "i bang it really hard." it annoys julia so much áá she implores her parents not to get the little dude any more noisy toys. "it's super loud... so i hope my mom and dad don't get it." some parents gave some suggestions on protecting their children's hearing. isaiah's parents want to nurture his musical inclinations áá so they've found a solution to keep the peace. "i have headphones that put on their ears that protects their hearing when they play loud instruments like isaiah's drums." gayla poling áá an audiologist at mayo clinic áá says it's important for all of us to be aware of noise levels. "when you get up to levels like 100 db or sounds more loud to us..that's similar to a blaring of a chainsaw. that can damage your ears in 15 minutes or so." another mother... jeanna kaster limits the noise her children are exposed to. "on the bigger toys there are volume buttons i can control that they don't know where they are. i can turn the volume down and say, sorry. broken. can't go any louder." a link to the noisy toys list by the 'sight and hearing association' can be found under this story on our website... kimtádotácom.///
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