Golden Apple Award: Mrs. Sheryl Putz

We celebrate this week's Golden Apple Award Winner in North Iowa.

Posted: Dec 11, 2018 6:53 PM
Updated: Dec 11, 2018 6:53 PM

Speech to Text for Golden Apple Award: Mrs. Sheryl Putz

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thursday evening, this time more so to the southeast. sunshine returns friday through monday with partly cloudy skies for sunday as highs linger in the lower to mid 30's. tonight: mostly cloudy/isolate d wintry mix. lows: near 20. winds: southcomwino ythis week we are honoring a north iowa teacher who is retiring at the end of the school year let's go congratulate mrs. sheryl putz with the golden apple award. <"congratulati ons mrs. putz." "oh my gosh."> it's a tuesday to remember for mrs. sheryl putz at forest city middle school. i feel very honored. it's nice to be recognized in that way. and she has her student, melia golwitzer to thank. well i kind of wanted to nominate her because she is retiring this year and i've heard a lot of people a grade above me say she'll make your year. being a language arts teacher á mrs. putz is not new to reading books... or reading into her students. you know everybody has a story when they come to school so try to make them feel special that day as well. she's like a friend to all of us, she listens to us and understands how we are. she has kids and she understands so we talk to her and she's just kind of there to listen to us. as for what's next for mrs. putz after she retires at the end of the year... some sort of subbing, some sort of i'd still be involved with students somehow. congratulatio ns to mrs. putz (puts). if you want to nominate your teacher, head to kimt dot com and click on "golden apple" under the community
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