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Feeding the people cleaning up

It's a random act of kindness from one local business.

Posted: Tue Jun 12 20:50:45 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Jun 12 20:50:45 PDT 2018

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while residents in mason city's eastbrooke neighborhood are still cleaning up from weekend flooding... a local credit union is doing their part to help out. the north iowa community credit union is delivering pizzas ? courtesy of papa murphy's to those cleaning up in the hard?hit neighborhood. it's part of the n?i?c?c?u's goal of doing random acts of kindess... and abby murray... who is delivering pizzas... says it's the thought that "why not deliver pizzas and give some people some peace of mind and make their night a little better so they don't have to make supper, and even just the little things in this time of tragedy and inconvenience really say a lot." /// murray says that today's initiative was spur of the moment... but could be done tomorrow too depending on community feedback./// a pop up recreation playground is starting today. it's all part of the go... play... explore... mobile recreation kids palying there's all different kinds of games... like this (huge connect four... and hacky sack. the event is run by the city's parks & recreation department ? and will make stops at parks across rochester all summer long./// accordin tmuo ltthise tac?ted?c. aoutbre ak of salmonellamultistate utlibnkreedak t oo fpre- cut mesalolmn onhaelsla l kesid cktoen pedre a? tcut le as t 60 people.melon has sicken aa t relecaasllt h60as people. a recall has a ecaftefedcted e ig ht states. ...iowa and minnesota are currently not on the liseit.ght states. .d minnesota are curren y bunot t iton's a g oo d eti lmeis tt.o breutmi indt's gopeodop tleim aebout salmonella andto remind people t salmonella and what you need wh at you need to know. salmonella outbreak-vo-1 salmonella outbreak-vo-2 salmonella is one of the most common types toof k fnooow.d sal nepollisa onisin ogne o caus ed by bacteria. it is often the e remosustlt c oomf moean tityn fmeooatd that ha s beenpois inung decarcusooedke bd y orbact iafo.od tha t hasit is of n bethene re ltco ontfaminat ed ineating meat that has been the handling process. salmonella is typically brief,unde cowiokthed s otor mafochod thats cramps andbeen contamina d diinar trhheea tha t can lasthandling process. salmoa is t icanalywlyhe breri fefro, mwith fo ur to sestveomnach cramp andad ysdi.arrhea but itth catou cldan l t taankeyw ahe wrehi flerom before a person's systemfour to seven dat ca n get back to normal. doctors say....the most importantcould
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