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Project legacy responds to funding veto

Project legacy responds to funding veto

Posted: Fri May 25 05:13:32 PDT 2018
Updated: Fri May 25 05:13:32 PDT 2018

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a rochester non?profit is in desperate need of funding this morning after a controversial veto by minnesota governor mark dayton. governor dayton vetoed the spending bill earlier this week. that bill included thousands of dollars for the non?profit (project legacy( in rochester. on the scene kimt news three's annalisa pardo shows us how the veto is impacting the organization and how it plans to move forward. if the bill was approved, project legacy wouldve received 200 thousand dollars. that funding would've paid for a number of things including this space, where they hold programs for the youth they serve. right now we are scrambling to find funding to pay for our space here. karen endmonds is the co? founder of project legacy. she says despite speaking out to dayton and legislators, she's not surprised the bill was vetoed. the funding wouldve not only paid for their space but also helped youth pay for college, rent, and food. the biggest impact perhaps, not being able to hire a social worker as a permanent member of project legacy's staff. if we have a volunteer for a short period of time and then decided they're too busy, this affects our kids in a very negative way. social workers are going to bring a skill set that we need to work with our kids. in rochester, annalisa pardo, kimt news to make up for this funding ? project legacy is asking donors to increase donations and are applying for different grants. you want to help... we have a link to do so on our website at kimt dot com... with this story under local news.
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