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Train Depot to be Demolished

The building in Charles City will soon be torn down

Posted: Thu May 24 16:55:41 PDT 2018
Updated: Thu May 24 16:55:41 PDT 2018

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pacific railroad considers demolishing a more than 100- year-old train depot in mason city...another north iowa city is getting ready to tear down a historic train depot of their own. kimt news 3's alex jirgens joins us live with how the news is striking a cord with one local train enthusiast - alex?xxx demolition-lintro-2 katie - much like this mason city train depot i'm at...the old milwaukee road railroad depot in charles city train depot has a lot of history behind it. but that's not stopping it from being torn down within the near future. one train enthusiast i spoke with says he's sad to see it go. xxx demolition-lpkg-1 demolition-lpkg-2 pete fullard is a train enthusiast. he got hooked on trains when he was a kid. demolition-lpkg-4 "when i was 6 years old, i got an electric train for christmas. kinda liked them ever since." lowerthird2line:train depot to be demolished charles city, ia fullard has taken many train trips and also worked for various railroad companies over the years. "originally the iowa terminal, which is the old charles city western, then i worked for cedar valley for the contractor they had, then the chicago central, and then the c-n." passenger trains first came through this station on september 1 18- 69...and ended january 5 19-60. now...the depot will soon become another faded memory of charles city canadian pacific has announced its demolition. the news hit fullard hard. "i hate to see it go. over the years there's been numerous people talking about maybe restaurants or something. now i think the railroads are...i think they kinda want them outta there for no tracks and want the trains away..buildings away from their tracks." charles city city administrator steve diers is also saddened by the news...but explains its because of safety issues. demolition-lpkg-3 "there's 3 active tracks of rail lines that are right there, the building sits so close to them that they feel it's a hazard, so they're gonna be taking the building down unfortunately." demolition-lpkg-6 as for if any similar structures could meet a similar fate...fullard expects to see some added to that list. "i think more of them will end up getting torn down. the cn that i worked for, we tore down quite a few of them. and especially when you make a brick building like that, it's a whole lot easier to tear it down than move it." / demolition-ltag-2 last week - crews were already at the site disconnecting service lines from the station. / live in mason city...alex jirgens...kimt news 3. / thank you alex. the timetable for the charles city train depot demolition has not yet been set. when it comes to the mason city one those with the city say canadian pacific has yet to apply for a demolition permit. it's a
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