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PTSD in the of duty

Hundreds will apply to be a part of the Rochester Fire Department, but only a handful will ever be asked to partake in the intensive hiring process. The competitive job is about much more than just physical labor.

Posted: Sun May 20 21:12:08 PDT 2018
Updated: Sun May 20 21:12:08 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for PTSD in the of duty

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it's a grueling 10 week process. hundreds will apply... to be a part of the rochester fire department, but only a handful will ever be asked to partake in the intensive hiring process. around 300 applicants tested and only 2 are in the current academy. the competitive job takes much more than just physical strength... it can be mentally taxing. take a look at these statistics from the international association of firefighters... they estimate 20 percent of firefighters and paramedics have post traumatic stress disorder... a rate similar to combat veterans. only 3.5 percent of the general population will ever experience ptsd. awareness is the focal point for many cluding rochester. < "copy, heavy smoke enter times two, third floor. " daylight quickly turns to darkness... "it's pitch black. you can't see, you can't really hear anything." ... for rfd recruits marcus gudgell and mike buss... "you rely heavily on your teammates that are there with you." ... every day of the academy has brought with it new challenges. "we make this as realistic as possible." "physically one of the hardest things has honestly been our search and rescue, which you watched yesterday. that is tough. that is hard, hard work." it's what captain caleb feine describes as a strength driven job. "what they take in with their gear and scba, some tools they are anywhere from 85?100 pounds without actually find a victim and having to drag them out as well." it's a high?risk... high?reward job... that rochester native mike buss has longed for since he was a teen. "the very first time i interacted with this department i was 15 years old and i knew that i wanted too and 18 years later i finally got on." training scenarios like this... help to reinforce the skills most people often associate with the fire department. "that's what we have to train on during the academy. all of those unknowns all of those potential scenarios where we have to get creative and just really use our best judgement, skills and training to get the job done." but pulling hose and battling a blaze is only a small portion of the actual job and the fire academy. dealing with traumatic events comes with the terrority. "you are never really fully prepared until you're in that position." highly dangerous situations outside of fire. "we go to everything under the sun. when they don't know who else to call they're going to call the fire department." the majority of calls firefighters will respond to in their careers ? are medicals... from cardiac arrest and car accidents to suicides. captain feine tells me communication is key. "being there, having a good support system during a stressful event where they may see something that dramatic or traumatic basically having somebody there, having a system in place to get them through that next step after it has happened." the mental exhaustion of the job comes as no surprise to gudgell and buss. "you rely heavily on your teammates that are there with you." "the people that i work with and the people that are going to be in those circumstances with me are going to be the ones that we are all going to sit down and get through this together." when the brotherhood just isn't enough to handle the stress... there are resources available to ensure these brave men and women get the help they while we talk about line of duty deaths.. and ptsd& the number one cause of death among firefighters is not the fire itself& but the toxics and carcinogens they are exposed to at the scene& often a silent killer rearing it's ugly head in the form of cancer years later. as for gudgell and buss& they graduate academy this wedesday.
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