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Digital citizenship

How do you participate in the online community?

Posted: Wed May 16 20:49:33 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed May 16 20:49:33 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Digital citizenship

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

the internet is a part of almost every piece of our liives. but have you ever thought about the way you portray yourself online compared to offline? digital citizenship-vo-1 digital citizenship-vo-2 tonight - parents of lourde highschool students came together to learn about how to make sure their kids are acting responsibly through social media. you may have heard spy apps for phones are a good idea to monitor kids...but those with a mayo clinic research team say spying isn't the way to go. having conversations about expecations on social media are more effective and one father feels that as a parent-its his job to make sure his child is a good citizen on and digital citizenship-sot-1 digital citizenship-sot-2 "it's really not necessarily digital citizenship but just citizenship my best hope would be that he is a caring kind compassionate person face to face and also in his interactions online." those from mayo recommend that you have conversations with your children where you read their online interactions face to they can see that the things they type have meaning. / supt listening post-vo-1 supt listening post-vo-3 it's an outlet for parents to share questions and concerns to their school district... supt listening post-vo-2 a superintendent listening post. rochester public schools tells us they try to have them quarterly. parents can come in and have open discussion with superintendent michael munoz. one parent tells us he often hears a lot of concerns from parents... but says attendance can be low because of when the posts are supt listening post-sot-1 supt listening post-sot-2 yeah 12:30 on a wednesday, probably not the most ideal time for people for instance that work at mayo. church suggests more advertising from the district so more parents know about them. / a new bill could
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