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Gateway to the Surf

Clear Lake is hoping to capitalize off of heavy traffic through the intersection of highway 18 and Buddy Holly Place.

Posted: Fri Mar 16 16:57:12 PDT 2018
Updated: Fri Mar 16 16:57:12 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Gateway to the Surf

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the city of clear lake is home to one of north iowa's most popular e surf ballroom. now there's a plan to brighten the entry into one of the more travelled corridors. kimt news 3's alex jirgens joins us live from the newsroom to tell us how the city plans to do that. alex?xxx gateway to surf-nrintro-2 katie - there are thousands of vehicles that travel through the intersection of highway 18 and buddy holly place. around 12,000 per day according to iowa d-o-t in fact. now the city of clear lake wants to capitalize on that by providing a new feature. xxx gateway to surf-lpkg-2 gateway to surf-nrpkg-11 if you're heading to the surf probably use the intersection of highway 18 and buddy holly place to get there. and you may have noticed this house that doesn't seem to fit in with its surroundings. now the city is looking to change that. gateway to surf-nrpkg-13 earlier this month...the city purchased the property for 29 thousand dollars...with the goal of turning the lot into some sort of gateway or welcome feature to the surf district. gateway to surf-nrpkg-14 laurie lietz - the executive director of the surf ballroom - is excited for the plan. gateway to surf-lpkg-4 "this is another great step for the city to improve one of the blighted entryways into the community." gateway to surf-nrpkg-7 councilman bennett smith notes this gateway project is just one piece of an overall project to revitalize this important area. gateway to surf-lpkg-5 "we wanna do is continue to work on our long term plan of redeveloping and improving the surf district. there will be other things that we are looking to do to improve that because from an economic development standpoint, and drawing more tourists in, it's really very crucial for us and an exciting project frankly." gateway to surf-nrpkg-8 while there isn't an official design or timeline for the project...lietz is hopeful that it will invite even more people into the historic venue. "they put up some wayfinding signs. our community is not the easiest to get around and navigate in if you're not from here because it's built around a lake. so i think once they get people off the highway and do something to gain their attention, then they'll spend some more time and more money in the community." gateway to surf-nrtag-2 smith tells me that the first step for the property is to tear down the existing site...but that is the only progress the city has taken so far. live in the newsroom...alex jirgens...kimt news 3. / thank you alex. the surf district was designated an 'iowa great place' in 2014 by the state's department of cultural affairs. /
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