Couple defines what love means to them

After 66 years of marriage, the couple has learned a thing or two about what it means to stay together.

Posted: Wed Feb 14 15:47:32 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 15:47:32 PST 2018

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it's valentine's day today - a day filled with love for many. define love-stngr-1 kimt news three's calyn thompson joins us to share one local love define love-lintro-2 amy - today i was able to meet maxine and donald allert. they're both in their nineties... and have been married for over 60 years - a feat within itself. take a look at their define love-pkg-1 define love-pkg-2 nat: piano maxine allert wrote this song for her mother when she turned 100. and being 94. she's not too far away herself. "you just keep doing something and - just enjoy life - yeah and you don't smoke or drink." she's been married to her husband donald for 66 years. define love-pkg-3 "i would terribly be sorry hug if you go first. one of us is going to go first." define love-pkg-4 they met and were married after world war 2. where he served and she was a nurse. they raised four kids. points to picture "carol and jeff - they're twins, and he's the oldest jim, and tom works here in rochester." and now have six grandkids. they say family is their greatest accomplishment. and on this valentine's day. "i forgot it, i forgot it and i don't have the ability to run out and buy a valentine so we don't have any valentine's here." they have hearts in their home. with the names of their children. calyn asking question: on valentine's day, i guess how would you define love? hits arm "should i kiss you?" tries to kiss him "he kisses me every night before we go to bed and you know it's important to treat each other good." define love-ltag-2 one surprising thing about their story - they say they were married in their thirties in a time when many were getting married in their early twenties. they say that's because they both went to college. live in rochester, calyn thompson, kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. donald and maxine live at the homestead at rochester - a retirement community in the area. /
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