Getting your driver's license during snowstorms

Remember how nerve-racking our driver's tests were? Imagine doing it during brutal Minnesota winters. That is what one teenager had to face today.

Posted: Mar 1, 2019 10:45 PM


Behind the wheel - Brendan Ness is the very picture of grace under pressure. But when he saw today's forecast, he wasn't exicted about taking his all-important road test.

"I thought I might have to take the test again," Ness said. "I was prepared to fail."

Ness is no stranger to snow -- he was born and bred here in Minnesota. But prepping for his driving test has been tough.

"It was not a fun thing to have to learn in a winter I have never really seen before," Ness said.

His parents' anxiety wasn't much help either.

"I didn't know what I was doing," Ness said. "They didn't know exactly how to teach me. It was just like an unprepared situation for both of us -- lose lose."

Parallel parking nearly tripped him up.

"It's hard to parallel park when the majority of the spot is taken up by the snow banks because there's no spot there," Ness said. "It's just al covered."

At the DMV though, Jane Ness, an anxious mother transformed into a proud mom.

"He wanted this so much...and I didn't know how it was gonna go with the snow," Ness said. "And there's an advisory. But he did a great job!"

Proud or not -- Mom is still mom.

"I'm relieved," Jane Ness said. "It would have been a nightmare had he not passed. He really, really wanted this. So luckily - he passed and probably won't let him drive today or tomorrow."

With license in hand -- this new driver is ready to share the load.

"Probably have to get groceries starting pretty soon... on my own," Brendan said.

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