Teaching students about the significance of 9/11

It is a day those of us who remember that day will certainly never forget.

Posted: Sep 11, 2019 6:53 PM

AUSTIN, minn.-It is a day many of us will never forget.
While it doesn't feel like that long ago, students who are in middle and high school right now weren't even born or were very young on that day 18 years ago.
Teachers face a unique challenge when educating those students about the pivotal day in the country's history.

Social studies teacher Brandon Soller takes a room full of seventh graders back to a national tragedy that happened before they were born.

“These seventh graders are born in 06-07 for them it truly is history,” he said.

Soller was in the 4th grade when the attack happened in 2001. He's using his experience to educate the next generation.

“I teach it five times a day so every hour it's like I'm reliving it again and again,”he said.

In his classroom today, it’s all about 9/11 and teaching about the tragedy comes with some challenges. Soller says it's important to educate kids in a level they understand about an issue that happen not-so long ago.

“You cant tell them everything because it's information overload but it is about I hope they really understand the significance and the people who lost their lives,”he said.

Even though they weren't alive it's a lesson 7th graders Haylie and Nadia will never forget.

“We know what happened and not to repeat it. I feel like everyone needs to know that this is an actual thing that this actually happened that it is real and this is the world and not some video game you can play,” they said.

Soller says for these kids, it can seem like just another event in history.
He wants them to understand the real significance.

“Hopefully they get a feeling I think I had a couple kids that started crying today and that's ok. I tell them you can feel the emotion and like realize that oh my god this was a big deal,” he said.

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