Should switch over to daylight saving time be permanent?

California and Florida looking into making "Spring forward" year round, while other states including Iowa and Minnesota have introduced similar pieces of legislature

Posted: Mar 10, 2019 10:11 PM

MASON CITY, Iowa - It's the start of Daylight Saving Time, and that means "spring ahead" as we set our clocks forward one hour. And every year, it seems like the same debate - should we stick with it year round, or change our clocks twice a year?

Timothy Youtzy is an early rise, and the Sunday morning's time shift didn't really affect him. And he's already looking forward to the longer days.

"Summer time, get some extra holes of golf in late at night, absolutely."

With some states like California and Florida looking to lock in to one permanent clock, he believes something like that may not work in an area like Iowa or Minnesota.

"In the Northern part of the country, I think it's a little bit harder because we get a lot more of a swing for daylight, whereas in the south like Arizona, they're more towards a 12-hour day all the time, so I think it's a lot harder in the North to compensate for that."

For Pastor Kevin Jones with Trinity Lutheran Church, he and his congregation were able to adjust to an early morning of worship.

"It's always a little bit harder to get up that hour early, but we get used to it, try to go to bed a little early the night before to get ready for it."

He sees the benefits of using both DST and standard time.

"I actually like the light in the morning. I get to take a walk, and that's just my preference, but it's nice to have it light a little bit later at night too, so it doesn't feel like night so quickly."

However, he's in favor of sticking to just one clock for a couple reasons.

"Just stay one time without the time change. It kinda feels like both of those end up being productivity loss, or it just takes a week or two to adjust to it."

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