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New entrepreneurship program for high school students

A new entrepreneurship program is teaching high school students to think outside the box.

Posted: Oct 1, 2019 7:37 PM

ROCHESTER, Minn.-It's a new program that aims to ignite students' passion to grow their ideas about creating a business.
It's called InCUBator and it's a national program that's planting roots in Rochester.

In the bustling downtown Rochester, the bright building will serve as a place for the leaders of tomorrow to get inspired.
Incubator is a new entrepreneurship program, that’s teaching high school students to think outside the box.

“It's really a lot of just the solution thinking, so I always tell the students is instead of seeing the problem and is complaining about it to your friends. It's finding a problem and trying to find a solution of it,” said Michael Hutchins.

He is the business teacher, educating junior and seniors at Rochester Public Schools, the world of entrepreneurship.
The new open space is created to spark collaboration on ideas.
Students will also get expert training and advice from local business men and women to fully develop their own product or service. Hutchins says this is a life changing opportunity.

“We talk about it a lot you know authentic learning and this is as authentic as you can get. Instead of the like pretending to be able to make these things and pretending to market and pretending to sell it, actually giving them the opportunity to go and try it out,” he said.

Students are already pitching and working on ideas. At the end of the school year students will pitch their idea.
Think Mutual Bank is offering $16,000 to fund the winning idea get off the ground.
Hutchins say this new program can show students different career options.

“We try to fit kids into this mold of four year colleges and looking at the different options that are out there for them that maybe this is something that could look at and from there maybe go get a business degree or marketing degree and see what their passion really is,” he said.

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