Local sports scores/highlights from Saturday, December 16th

Highlights from NIACC/AFLBS MBB and Waldorf/Viterbo MBB

Posted: Dec 16, 2017 10:53 PM

JUCO Men's Basketball

NAIA Men's Basketball
Viterbo 73, Waldorf 67

HS Girls Basketball
Crestwood 65, L-P 53
Hayfield 71, PEM 41
Osage 70, Spring Grove 35
St. Ansgar 79, B-K 19
CGD 45, Rockford 39

HS Boys Basketball
Mabel-Canton 58, Turkey Valley 39
St. Ansgar 58, B-K 49

HS Wrestling

Battle of Waterloo

Virgil Carr Bracket Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Don Bosco
2nd Place - New Hampton
3rd Place - Waverly-Shell Rock
4th Place - Prairie, Cedar Rapids
5th Place - Independence
6th Place - Charles City
7th Place - Union
8th Place - Columbus Catholic
1st Place Match
Don Bosco defeated New Hampton 39-27.
3rd Place Match
Waverly-Shell Rock defeated Prairie, Cedar Rapids 39-30.
5th Place Match
Independence defeated Charles City 48-23.
7th Place Match
Union defeated Columbus Catholic 72-3.
Tony Cordes Bracket Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Lisbon
2nd Place - West Delaware
3rd Place - Crestwood
4th Place - Cedar Falls
5th Place - Iowa City West
6th Place - Mason City
7th Place - Nashua-Plainfield
8th Place - Waterloo West
1st Place Match
Lisbon defeated West Delaware 42-36.
3rd Place Match
Crestwood defeated Cedar Falls 44-18.
5th Place Match
Iowa City West defeated Mason City 41-31.
7th Place Match
Nashua-Plainfield defeated Waterloo West 44-33.
Bill Andrew Bracket Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Valley , West Des Moines
2nd Place - Denver
3rd Place - Iowa City City
4th Place - Clear Lake
5th Place - Epworth, Western Dubuque
6th Place - Osage
7th Place - Pleasant Valley
8th Place - Alburnett
1st Place Match
Valley , West Des Moines defeated Denver 45-28.
3rd Place Match
Iowa City City defeated Clear Lake 54-22.
5th Place Match
Epworth, Western Dubuque defeated Osage 55-23.
7th Place Match
Pleasant Valley defeated Alburnett 60-24.
Kyven Gadson Bracket Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - North Scott
2nd Place - Linn-Mar
3rd Place - Lake Mills
4th Place - Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
5th Place - Assumption
6th Place - Indianola
7th Place - Waterloo East
8th Place - ADM, IA
1st Place Match
North Scott defeated Linn-Mar 48-26.
3rd Place Match
Lake Mills defeated Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 32-31.
5th Place Match
Assumption defeated Indianola 44-30.
7th Place Match
Waterloo East defeated ADM, IA 42-29.
Championship Pool Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Don Bosco
2nd Place - Valley , West Des Moines
3rd Place - Lisbon
4th Place - North Scott

Belmond-Klemme (BEKL) 36.00 Rockford (ROCK) 34.00
Northwood-Kensett (NOKE) 40.00 Rockford (ROCK) 5.00
Albert Lea Area (ALA) 78.00 Farmington (FARM) 6.00

Results for North Butler-Clarksville @ 9th Annual Jones Brothers Invitational (12/16/2017)

Koltyn Beckham (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Koltyn Beckham (North Butler-Clarksville) over Ben Kielman (West Marshall) (Dec 7-0) Semifinals - Benjamin Smith (Iowa Valley) over Koltyn Beckham (North Butler-Clarksville) (Dec 7-1) Cons. Semis - Koltyn Beckham (North Butler-Clarksville) over Luke Brown (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura) (MD 17-3) 3rd Place Match - Koltyn Beckham (North Butler-Clarksville) over Cayden Howland (Iowa Falls-Alden) (Fall 5:59)

Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Cale Dumbaugh (Nevada) over Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville) (Dec 10-6) Cons. Round 1 - Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville) over Brandon Galkin (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura) (Fall 1:47) Cons. Semis - Quinton Buresh (Iowa Falls-Alden) over Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville) (Dec 7-0) 5th Place Match - Trevor Brinkman (North Butler-Clarksville) over Bryce Laton (Vinton-Shellsburg) (Fall 3:46)

David Crow (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - David Crow (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - Nick Billings (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura) over David Crow (North Butler-Clarksville) (Dec 7-2) Cons. Semis - David Crow (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye 3rd Place Match - Grayson Cutler (Iowa Falls-Alden) over David Crow (North Butler-Clarksville) (MD 9-1)

Trace Engel (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Trace Engel (North Butler-Clarksville) over Chris King (Vinton-Shellsburg) (Fall 1:11) Semifinals - Trace Engel (North Butler-Clarksville) over Nolan Freeman (AP-GC) (Fall 1:48) 1st Place Match - Trace Engel (North Butler-Clarksville) over Dustin Stoner (Montezuma) (Fall 0:42)

Cade Hardy (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Cade Hardy (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - cade hansen (Newman Catholic) over Cade Hardy (North Butler-Clarksville) (MD 10-0) Cons. Semis - Mason Kent (Iowa Falls-Alden) over Cade Hardy (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 1:14) 5th Place Match - Cade Hardy (North Butler-Clarksville) over Zander Stole (Montezuma) (Fall 0:20)

Teryn Joebgen (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Teryn Joebgen (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - Grant Nason (West Marshall) over Teryn Joebgen (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 3:16) Cons. Semis - Teryn Joebgen (North Butler-Clarksville) over Darin Lemke (Iowa Falls-Alden) (Dec 7-6) 3rd Place Match - Teryn Joebgen (North Butler-Clarksville) over george schmit (Newman Catholic) (Fall 3:37)

Seth Lane (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Seth Lane (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - cael wollner (Newman Catholic) over Seth Lane (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 2:39) Cons. Semis - Seth Lane (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye 3rd Place Match - Jackson Kobe (Iowa Falls-Alden) over Seth Lane (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 1:37)

Brett Marshall (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Riley Burke (Iowa Falls-Alden) over Brett Marshall (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 1:09) Cons. Round 1 - Gavin Patterson (Iowa Valley) over Brett Marshall (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 5:01)

Curtis Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Levi Henderson (Iowa Falls-Alden) over Curtis Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 2:00) Cons. Round 1 - Curtis Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville) over Jacob Facile (Montezuma) (Fall 0:17) Cons. Semis - Jared Shaw (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura) over Curtis Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville) (Dec 6-4) 5th Place Match - Curtis Niedert (North Butler-Clarksville) over Levi Henderson (Iowa Falls-Alden) (Fall 6:00)

Andrew Peters (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP There are no match results associated with this wrestler

Brandon Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Brandon Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - Brandon Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) over Levi Randall (West Marshall) (Fall 3:44) 1st Place Match - Brandon Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) over chase mccleish (Newman Catholic) (Dec 7-0)

Bryce Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Bryce Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) received a bye Semifinals - Bryce Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) over Cael Pfantz (West Marshall) (Fall 1:38) 1st Place Match - Bryce Trees (North Butler-Clarksville) over Bryce Radeke (Vinton-Shellsburg) (Fall 3:31)

Jonathan Ulrich (North Butler-Clarksville) - DNP Quarterfinals - Jonathan Ulrich (North Butler-Clarksville) over Spencer Formanek (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura) (Fall 5:58) Semifinals - jacob smith (Newman Catholic) over Jonathan Ulrich (North Butler-Clarksville) (Fall 1:35) Cons. Semis - Jonathan Ulrich (North Butler-Clarksville) over Colby McWherter (Iowa Falls-Alden) (Fall 0:38) 3rd Place Match - Jonathan Ulrich (North Butler-Clarksville) over Jay Calentine (Nevada) (Fall 3:29)

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