Campground now said to have 72 cases of Cryptosporidium

Shades of Sherwood is said to now have 72 cases of a waterborne illness.

Posted: Aug 14, 2018 10:58 AM
Updated: Aug 14, 2018 11:08 AM

ZUMBROTA, Minn.- At least 72 people are showing signs of being sickened by a waterborne illness at the Shades of Sherwood Campground, according to The Minnesota Department of Health.

But, the owner of the campground and those who are long term campers say The Department of Health hasn't even come out to test the water. The owner of the campground says that these are not actual confirmed cases. He says the 72 people are just people who called saying they were suffering from symptoms of Cryptosporidium or E.Coli which happen to be the same symptoms of many common sicknesses, like the flu or food poisoning.

"It worries us because we like this place so well and we've been here so long." Linda Baier and her husband have been living at the shades of sherwood for 28 years. "I personally don't know of anybody that has gotten sick yet." She says if anyone would get would be her or her great grandson who spends most of his summer there.  "Because we're down in all 3 parts of the water and we've never gotten sick."

The owner, Mike Thorson says he's frustrated with the numbers being put out by The Department of Health. "The number that they're putting out there of 72 people have not been confirmed cases. These are just people that they've talked to on the phone that have said they've been sick and also stayed at Shades of Sherwood feels like The Health Department is doing as much damage as possible because they sit on these press releases and wait to issue them until right be fore the weekend every time when we're the busiest and when it does the most damage and chaos to our business."

And it is in fact hurting his business "Since these releases that they keep putting out, we've seen our numbers cut in half for every one of these weekends moving forward."

Linda says she hopes its all sorted out soon because to her this is more than a campground, it's a home. "This is a lovely place its a fantastic place. I don't know what we'd do if something happened...we have no where else to go!"

Mike says he has followed several of the recommendations by The Department of Health. They have hyper chlorinated the pool to kill any existing Cryptosporidium, posted safe swimming signs that require swimmers to sign a paper saying they have not been sick before swimming, and closed the man made pond for the time being.

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