Butterball responds to viral challenge

Butterball explains how to cook a turkey in the microwave in response to viral challenge

Posted: Nov 22, 2018 8:11 PM

KIMT NEWS 3- KIMT News 3’s Brian Tabick had some fun with others in the newsroom participating in the viral “Frozen Turkey Challenge.” That’s where you call or text a relative and ask them how long you cook a 25 pound frozen turkey in the microwave.

Many of the responses were just too good.

“How long can I cook a frozen turkey in the microwave,” Brian asked Grandma Tabick. “Oh dear, you can’t cook a turkey in the microwave. I don’t think the microwave can go that long,” she said.

“We are looking to cook a 12 pound turkey, how long would we put it in the microwave,” Kaleb Gillock asked his mom.

”You are wanting to cook a 12 pound turkey in the microwave?” she questioned. Honey, you can’t do that.”

“It’s a big microwave I was thinking like seven hours,” Kaleb said.

Even grocery store employees are being asked how long it takes.

“I laughed and went and asked the meat department,” said Morgan Dvorak.

Dvorak then got in on the prank herself.

“My step-dad told me our microwave can’t fit a 25 pound turkey,” she said.

But little do people know Butterball put out the following instructions on how to properly and safely do it.

1. Never put a frozen turkey in the microwave!
2. Place the turkey breast side down on a microwave-safe dish or plate.
3. First, microwave it for 4 minutes per pound on full power (for example, 36 minutes for a 9-pound turkey) to get the cooking process started. After this initial cook time, the rest of the cooking needs to be on a lower power setting.
4. Remove the drippings and baste the partially-cooked turkey so it begins to get that golden-brown skin.
5. Flip the turkey over and cook it at 50 percent power for 8 minutes per pound (72 minutes total). Stop cooking every 18 minutes to check the turkey's temperature with a meat thermometer and baste it with the natural juices or a browning sauce.
6. When the turkey reaches a temperature of 180 to 185 degrees in the thigh and 170 to 175 degrees in the breast, it is ready and safe to eat.
7. Baste the turkey once more before serving.

But they really stress NOT PUTING A FROZEN TURKEY IN THE MICROWAVE much like many of our responses explained.

“It’s my only option,” said Kaleb. “Honey, you can’t put a frozen turkey in the microwave”

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