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Protecting pets from the heat

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ROCHESTER, Minn. - This week, we'll be seeing temperatures in the 90s!

While sunscreen and shades can help us with the heat, pets and excessive heat don't mix well together.

Executive Director of the Humane Society of North Iowa shares some tips on keeping our furry friends safe from the heat this summer.

Because of this excessive heat, she recommends taking dogs on shorter walks, try to stay on the grass instead of the pavement, and make sure to give them lots of water and shade.

Try walking them either early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the super high temps.

If a dog does get overheated, they'll pant excessively and may look distressed with their ears back and eyes wide.

If that happens, here's what to do:

"First and foremost, cool the dogs body temperature down by packing cool towels - get some towels wet - pack their body with cool towels," said Soukup. "Don't give them a big thing of water to chug if they're in a severe state. They'll just chug it all and maybe regurgitate. Give them ice cubes. Give them a little bit of water and then ice cubes to chew on to rehydrate."

If you have errands to run, leave your dog at home! Waiting in a hot car can be deadly and the black asphalt in parking lot gets dangerously hot.

Make sure you're setting them up for success.

"Just make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water, inside and out of the house," said Soukup. "And that their outdoor time is minimal and that if they are outside, make sure they have a shady tree or a shady area. A dog house - I wouldn't constitute that as protection from the heat, because that just traps the heat inside the little dog house. Keeping them safe is mainly just keeping them inside where it's cool."

Soukup also reminds us that dogs don't have sweat glands like humans have, so they pant and cool themselves through their paws.

A good rule of thumb is to use the "seven second rule". Hold the back of your hand on the ground for seven seconds andĀ if you can't hold out for the full seven because it's too hot, then its also too hot for your pups paws.

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