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New program provides seniors lunch and socializing

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ROCHESTER, Minn. - 125 Live's "Senior Congregate Dining" starts this week with lunches provided by SEMCAC community action agency.

This program not only provides free meals to seniors in our community, but also gives them a little extra something special.

"I live by myself, so you know an apple can sometimes be my lunch," said 125 Live Member Barb Stiles. "And I thought this would be a good way to fill out my nutritional needs."

The Commonwealth Fund reports that older adults in the U.S. have suffered the most economically from the pandemic - with more losing their job or using up all or most of their savings. Not only did the pandemic take an economic toll on this community, it took a social and mental one - forcing seniors to stay indoors and away from their loved ones to stay healthy.

125 Live's program gives seniors in the community an opportunity to socialize and meet new people - which many people need more of after months of COVID-19 quarantining.

"We met one...two...three new people just this morning!" said 125 Live Member Linda Hanson. "I love this! I can have lunch, it's so convenient, I love meeting all the people."

After the kick off to the program Tuesday, there were smiling faces and even a joke or two.

"Alright so here's the joke of the month: I found out where Capt. Hook got his hook," said 125 Live Member David Naylor. "Now if you don't know who Capt. Hook was, this won't be funny. But Capt. Hook was a pirate and an alligator took his hand off. And I found out where he got his hook. He got his hook at the second hand store!"

The program runs Monday through Friday. Anyone 60 and older can register at the 125 Live membership services desk. you can register for meals 24 hours in advance.

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