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Neighborhood Week kicks off today!

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The city of Rochester Community Development is hosting a 'Neighborhood Week,' to teach residents more about a 3 year project that impacts the whole community.

ROCHESTER, Minn. - You're invited to what the City of Rochester Community Development is calling "Neighborhood Week".

The four-day event is free and family friendly, complete with food trucks and outdoor games.

The city has been working to rewrite its zoning ordinance into a unified zoning ordinance for years, and this week was made to give people an opportunity to learn about how it could affect them. The update controls how things can be built and by who.

The city understands this can all be a lot to digest, so they wanted to make a week to learn - and also enjoy the outdoors.

"When people hear that we're there to talk about zoning...they kind of zone out a little bit and their not very excited," said Rochester Community Development Planner Emma Miller-Shindelar. "But, the reality is zoning effects everybody in Rochester and it's so important to understand what it means for your neighborhood, what it means for Rochester as a whole. I believe that we have really distilled it into understandable terms."

The event will be held at four of our local parks: Cascade Lake Park, Three Links Park, Lincolnshire Park, and Cooke Park.

"We get a lot of people just by walking by. So, we wanted to focus on parks that had a high level of people walking around, pedestrian connections," said Miller-Shindelar. "That was important in choosing the parks because we have a lot of people engaged in the code - they hear about it, they read about it and those people are very engaged- but we also have people who have no idea that this process is going on and those are the people we really need to reach."

The event will be through Thursday from 6 - 8 p.m. each day.

Monday: Cascade Lake Park

Tuesday: Three Links Park

Wednesday: Lincolnshire Park

Thursday: Cooke Park

After "Neighborhood Week", the Community Development team plans to take the project to the city council for adoption in August. But, they are sill welcoming feedback until then.

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