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City wraps up busy construction season ahead of cooler temps

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Rochester calls an end to a busier than typical construction season

ROCHESTER, Minn. - It's that time of year - the end of the busy construction season in Rochester as the snow slowly but surely heads our way!

Right now, Rochester Public Works is working on wrapping up paving operations - which can't get done during the colder months.

The last two years in the city have had higher construction volume than typical years in the past - but, 2023 will be a bit calmer.

Next year, less of the construction will be downtown, like we saw this year. Most of the 2023 construction will be along the outskirts of the city.

While public works did not struggle with staffing this construction season - like many places are at the moment - they did find it difficult at times to get the materials they needed with the ongoing supply chain shortages.

"Materials for construction has been tough. Luckily, we've dodged a lot of delays by substituting different materials, rephrasing construction, things like that," said Assistant City Manager Tyler Niemeyer. "But we have seen impacts. Luckily, a lot of our contractors were able to order their stuff early as we ordered contracts. So for the most part by the time they got to installing things they had on hand. But we've seen delays with things like light poles and some of the finishing touches, too."

While a lot of the projects are wrapping up, some will get completed next year.

"Some of the bigger ones that will carry over will be 65th St. NW - we'll have our second phase of that project - 9th St. reconstruction will carry over into next year, and then Discovery Walk downtown will begin it's second phase of construction, as well. Otherwise, a lot of the construction projects that people have seen around town will be wrapping up and be done here this fall," said Niemeyer.

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