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Any 'fin' is possible for the MN fishing opener

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KIMT News 3 - ​Minnesotans get ready...this weekend is the state fishing opener!

Here's a little breakdown of the Land of 10,000 Lake from the Minnesota DNR:

  • In the state there are 1.4 million licensed anglers,

  • 5,400 fishable lakes,

  • over 18,000 miles of fishable rivers and streams,

  • and 162 species of fish.

This winter has been longer than most. And the DNR said that cold water lingering around may have an effect on what fish you see out on the water.

"If you're looking for walleyes - you might want to try smaller, shallower lakes that might heat up a little quicker," said DNR Fishing Section Manager Brad Parsons. "Fish will be a little more active that way. Or, I always encourage people to think of running water. Although, our rivers with all the rain we've gotten in the last few days, are running a little high. If you have running water coming into a lake, that's a really walleye attracted spot."

Here are some things Parsons want fishermen and women to keep in mind for tomorrow:

  • Have a plan "b" if the lake you want to go to is full.

  • Have some patience - bodies of water will be pretty packed tomorrow.

  • Take off any vegetation from your boat to limit the spread of invasive species.

  • Wear life jackets! The water is very cold and they don't want a day of celebration to turn into a tragedy.

"Fishing in Minnesota is really part of the heritage, it's also a big business - very important economic driver in the state," said Parsons. "One of the things is the opener, it's a celebration of coming out of the long winter and this year a kind of non-spring. Getting back out and reconnecting with family and friends and just enjoying the wonderful lakes and rivers we have in the state. It's a celebration."

Parsons is expecting 500,000-600,000 people to join in tomorrow for the opener. 

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