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New Minnesota Law Offers Whiskey Plate Alternative

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The Minnesota Legislature approved a measure that would make ignition interlock the new alternative to whiskey plates.

The popular public safety program would prevent those convicted of a DWI from operating a vehicle unless they are free of alcohol.

The previous method of using whiskey plates only identified those guilty of a DWI but never prevented drunk driving.

Jay Adkins is a DWI and Criminal Defense lawyer for Godwin Dold and says whiskey plates are a form of public shaming and do not address the issue, or prevent drunk driving. 

"People who have whiskey plates can not be pulled over for that fact merely. They have to be treated the same as everyone else, so it has no value other than public shaming, which does not prohibit future conduct. Ignition interlock on the other hand would prohibit future conduct and physically prevents drunk driving from occurring," Adkins said.

Current and future whiskey plate holders can make the change over to the ignition interlock program but will have to pay 100 dollars for a new license plate. 

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