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Election 2021: Taking a look at the Byron school referendum

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BYRON, Minn.-Byron Public Schools will hold a referendum vote at the Middle School on Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

The referendum will consist of two questions for voters.

Question one will ask for the authorization to use roughly $23 million in general obligation bonds to update the District Administration and Community Services Building (DACS), Middle School and High School. 

The referendum's second question will ask voters to approve the use of roughly $21 million in general obligation bonds to repair and update Byron's athletic facilities, as well as create a new auditorium that will be located at the Highschool. 

Byron Public School's Superintendent Mike Neubeck said the DACS building has not been updated since its creation in 1957. 

"We have some pretty old buildings. As a matter of fact, the building I am in right now was built in the 50s. It still has the same boiler system and electrical system that was built back in the 50s, so we want to renovate this building," Neubeck said. 

The DACS renovation would also include the creation of a senior center that would be located near the current cafeteria.

Neubeck said he hopes the DACS building can serve as an "intergenerational educational building" that allows Byron residents of all ages to participate in classes, use the new community room and also volunteer with the preschoolers. 

The $44 million school referendum will largely be paid for by Byron residents, according to Neubeck. 

"So a lot of it falls on our residents and we do get some equalization funding from the state, about 20% to 25% but most of it is still funded by our community and our residents," Neubeck said. 

Polls open at 7 a.m. at Byron Middle School. 

A predictive tax table is available below for those that want to know how much they would pay in taxes per year: 

Election 2021: Taking a look at the Byron school referendum

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