SAW: Chloe Mueller

Mueller is a senior at Clear Lake

Posted: Wed Jun 13 18:54:45 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jun 13 18:54:45 PDT 2018

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has been interviewed on kimt a lot... but most of the time.. she is saying really nice things about all of her other teammates. - tonight though... its her time to shine... she's a senior leaving her mark... on an improving clear lake softball team. - heres more with our student athlete of the chloe is saw-pkg-3 lowerthird2line:mueller the magnificent kimt news 3 sports chloe mueller: ive learned that hard work does pay off in the end, that you cant just sit around all day and expect everything to get handed to you. aj: chloe mueller doesn't have time to just sit around... she's a four sport star.. at the highest level... even though sometimes... she's crazy busy. chloe is saw-pkg-8 chloe mueller: in the summer time, you wake up and go to weights, then go to basketball open gym, volleyball open gym, then you have to be at bp and then you have a softball game at that point you wonder if its all worth it, but now that its my senior year, i wouldnt go back and change anything. chloe is saw-pkg-9 aj: as impressive as her resume is, the way she approaches the game.. as a hard working senior.. might be what chloe does best. chloe: i dont like being the center of attention, i like to be under them, cheer them on through all of their success, i get to be part of it too, because im on their team. aj: and her teammates on the softball diamond know how valuable their senior leader is. chloe is saw-pkg-4 coach: she will bat second in our lineup sometimes and we will ask her to bunt, shes perfectly okay with that, she was just telling me the other day cause we moved her down in the order that she would like to come back to the two spot, cause she misses bunting, moving them over and doing things like that. chloe is saw-pkg-6 aj: chloe will do everything her coaches ask her to do... and thats even more important.. when the younger players are watching. chloe is saw-pkg-5 bella: she knows how to get everyone else pumped in games and how to get everyone that comes in, thats a great way for her to leave the program. chloe is saw-pkg-7 aj: mueller's magnificient career is not over just yet... but as she starts to look back.. she's thankful for the teams shes played on.. and the friends she's played with. chloe: like sara faber, shes great and emily snelling i grew up with her, she was best friend growing up, i like to play with them because you just know they are going to take care of it, but you get to be a part of it as well. chloe is saw-vo-2 - if you know of a player.. making an impact on the future of their program.. just like chloe..we would love to them. - nominate our next winner.. following this link.. at / local tonight-vo-gx-4
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