Testing for E. Coli

A group called The Izaak Walton League is concerned about E. coli levels in the Cedar River in Austin

Posted: Wed Jun 13 16:43:40 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Jun 13 16:43:40 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Testing for E. Coli

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finding ecoli in waterways isn't uncommon. it comes from waste either from animals or humans. but a members of a group called the izaak walton league...are concerned about e-coli levels in the cedar river in austin...and they're trying to do something about it. kimt news three's calyn thompson joins us live in austin to explain. calyn?xxx cedar project-lintro-2 raquel - dobbins creek here in austin is one of the tributaries of the cedar river. i spoke with one of the project leaders who just tested these waters yesterday. they think what they found could lead to a solution. xxx cedar project-lmpkg-1 cedar project-lmpkg-2 nat: flowing water i'm told e. coli isn't a new problem in dobbins creek... this isn't a problem unique to mower county or to austin luke reese is the director at the jay c. hormel nature center. he has graphs that show the creek's water has been tested for a long time. but what is new are the izaak walton league's findings from last year... that show dobbins creek has one of the highest e. coli counts and is the only one of the cedar river tributaries to have only human waste. and this makes them think the problem is inadequate septic systems. cedar project-lmpkg-3 the fix them part becomes the hard part because that is where money comes in and that's always the struggle with water quality stuff is finding the money to take care of it. research project leaders say they've asked the county to take action in this problem and hope by the end of 2018... steps are taken to correct the septic systems. live in austin, calyn thompson, kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. the funding for the izaak walton league to do the research came from the mcknight foundation grant. / ots:sustainability discussions dmc.bmp
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