National EMS Week

If you know a first responder, you may want to tell them "thank you."

Posted: Mon May 21 21:00:51 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon May 21 21:00:51 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for National EMS Week

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you know an e-m-s may want to thank them this week. national ems week-vo-1 national ems week-vo-2 governor dayton signed this proclimation naming the 20th to the 26th of may emergency medical services week in minnesota...but it's also a nationally- honored recognition. we're finding out that every firefighter in rochester is certified to at least the e-m-t level. chad kuhlman with the fire department says the relationship between them and gold cross ambulance service is crucial to keeping our community safe and he's humbled to be part of national ems week-sot-1 national ems week-sot-2 "to actually be on the job very day to help people in their greatest moment of need it's very special. it's a very important need. we're there for anything from the birth of a child to potentially the death of an individual." this years national theme is "e-m-s strong...strong er together." / braving the cold and coloring the sky has landed one area couple with an award. news tease-vo-3 lowerthirdbanner:fighting addiction for 30 years plus - 55 thousand people have fought nicotene addiction through this program. and today - they're celebrating their success. / live wx tease-live-2
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