Ride of silence

Drivers need to be on the lookout and share the road.

Posted: Wed May 16 20:43:15 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed May 16 20:43:15 PDT 2018

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and much like motorcyles - drivers need to be on the lookout for bicyclists as well. just last friday a bike rider was killed in cedar rapids. it's the first cycylist fatality of 2018 in iowa. it's tragedies like these that spark a ride of silence each year in mason city. live k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick is in central park where the annual ride took place he joins us live now. xxx ride of silence-lintro-2 katie not a lot of riders are out now, but a few hours ago central park was packed. the goal of the ride is to send a message to drivers...asking them to share the road. each rider was wearing a black arm band symbolizing you haven't been hit, or a red one meaning you have. i spoke with a couple donning red...saying they are lucky to be alive. xxx ride of silence-pkg-1 lowerthird2line:sharing the road mason city, ia biking is our life and has been for 31 years dwight and pat beaver have been tandam biking for a quiet some time. my wife never did a lot of riding so and i did a lot of riding but a scary situation several years ago changed their lives when they were hit by a cadillac while riding in michigan. ride of silence-pkg-3 we were 6 inches onto the highway and he had the four- lane but he has slight impairment and didn't see us ride of silence-pkg-7 beavers says accidents like theirs happen all too often... in fact steve shurtz, the iowa ride of silence cordinator says there have been three accidents involving bikes in mason city alone since last years ride including this one on second street and north monroe. ride of silence-pkg-5 state wide or fatalities injuries are down somewhat not your medically but there is a downward trend so i think little by little we are making more awareness on the part of cyclists and the motorists so we all share the road ride of silence-pkg-8 and in their fifth year participating in the ride of silence - the beavers say they want to keep the awareness up to keep other from experiencing what they did. every time after that i heard a 4 wheel drive big pick up the bike would shake ride of silence-ltga-2 according to "bicycling news", on average 55 bike riders are hit every year since 20-11. live in mason city brian tabick k-i-m-t news three. and mason city wasn't the only community hosting a ride of silence. more than 400 rides across the country took place today-- including one in charles city. it was another beautiful day across our area. first look wx-toss-2 first look wx-toss-3 here's
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The heat and humidity will be back heading into the holiday weekend.
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