2018 Walleye Classic preview

The tournament starts Saturday.

Posted: Wed May 16 20:38:18 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed May 16 20:38:19 PDT 2018

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of summer. - the countdown is on to the 2018 walleye classic on clear lake. - for the last couple of years.. anglers have been reeling walleyes at a record clip. walleye classic 10-vo-3 lowerthird2line:walleye classic weekend kimt news 3 sports - and we are expecting more of the same this year. - the final totals in the 2017 tournament included 771 walleye... weighing about 907 pounds... those are huge numbers in the 2-day... 100 team tournament. - i asked scott grummer with the iowa d-n-r- about this recent trend.. and why he's predicting the same kind of success... moving forward.xxx walleye classic 10-sot-vo-5 walleye classic 10-sot-vo-3 scott grummer: just strong year classes of walleye coming up, our stockings have been surviving well, just this last week we put in 20 million walleye for the stocking already that's been placed in already for the 2018 year. walleye classic 10-sot-vo-4 -one thing to watch as we work our way toward the weekend... anglers... want some clouds... sunny days like today... arent the best... for reeling in the walleye. /
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The heat and humidity will be back heading into the holiday weekend.
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