Investing in education

Rochester Public School teachers may have a new contract

Posted: Wed Apr 25 20:53:16 PDT 2018
Updated: Wed Apr 25 20:53:16 PDT 2018

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now rochester public school teachers may have a new contract. that could include language about protecting teachers and students in the classroom and of course their pay. but will it be enough? on the scene kimt news 3's annalise johnson is speaking with current and former teachers to find out what they think about teacher salaries. xxx rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-1 rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-9 katie thornton is a math and science teacher in lousiana. she thinks that teachers do not make enough money for the work that they do. rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-3 i think a lot of people have lost respect for just the value of education in general and teachers rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-6 both minnesota and iowa teacher salaries are lower than the national average as reported by the national teacher association. minnesota ranks number 19 in the us for highest teacher salaries - while iowa comes in at number 22. zumbrota resident bethany von steinbergs is a mother and a former minnesota teacher. she thinks people should value teachers and education the way they value children. rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-7 as a former one - i took that position seriously when i was an educator and i think that however we can best support the people that are raising the next generation i think is critical rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-5 recently teachers in states including here in oklahoma - as well as arizona and west virgina have gone on strikes within recent months to protest for higher pay. thornton supports teachers taking this action. rochester teacher contracts-llpkg-8 sometimes people complain about it but they don't do anything to change it so it's never going to change so i think that's a great idea - i think more people should do that von steinbergs has a different opinion on teachers being on strike rather than in their classrooms. i can definitely see both sides of let's understand why you're not there in the position that you care so deeply about and then also like how do we best help you get back there oftentimes - teacher salaries are dependent on the state and federal aid coming in. which is why thornton believes the country should invest in our teachers because they are so invested in the minds of our future generation. education is the foundation for pretty much everything. if you don't respect and value teachers then really you don't have all the advancements and successes that we have today in rochester annalise johnson kimt news 3. details of the potential deal will not be released until members of the rochester teacher association take a vote. rochester public schools tell kimt they expect the school board will review the deal on may first. / charles city budget
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