Inside MS treatment

Multiple sclerosis impacts more than two million people worldwide.

Posted: Mon Apr 16 20:46:39 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Apr 16 20:46:39 PDT 2018

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your health-pkg-2 ms patient and treatment-intro-2 multiple sclerosis is a disease that impacts more than two million people worldwide. it damages the myelin sheath of nerve cells. north iowa and southern minnesota are no several men and women battle the disease every single day. k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick is getting the chance to sit down with one north iowa woman as she goes through treatment for her m-s ms patient and treatment-pkg-1 natural sound ms patient and treatment-pkg-3 heading to the doctor is something most people don't enjoy having to do natural sound but for bailey frye of mason city, it is essential to keep her multiple sclerosis at bay. ms patient and treatment-pkg-2 i'm very lucky that i'm still able to walk i'm still lucky that i can see for the most part with glasses or some people that i'm in support group with who have trouble walking or progressed ms patient and treatment-pkg-4 bailey started showing signs and symptoms of the disease as a teenager.... and was diagnosed with m-s five years ago. natural sound there is no cure for the disease. but bailey is giving us a first hand look at the treatment she has to go through at least once a month. i don't think people see the side of it and they're curious ok you have a mess you just take your medicine you about your life but i don't take my medicine and i will be trying not to sleep while i'm here and i go home take a nap because i am burnt on top of going to the doctor for medicine to slow down the progression of her m-s, the drug she takes has a side effect that could lead to a form of leukemia.... meaning she also has blood work done every four to six months. but doctor alierz yarahmadi says treatments for the disease are advancing quickly. ms patient and treatment-pkg-5 the new generation of treatment for multiple sclerosis to try and cure for the nerves to try and repair the cover of the nerve myelin ms patient and treatment-pkg-6 doctor yaramadi has been working for over ten years, he says he's encouraged by the latest research to help patients like bailey and others who live with m-s....which is why bailey fights one day at a time....hoping for a cure. awareness is the key to this we need to spread awareness and find a cure for that so my friends and my family won't have to deal with the potential's of what if. nx fp multi line image:walk ms mason city, ia walk+ms+logo.jpg saturday, april 21 southbridge mall re ... you can help raise money and awareness for multiple sclerosis research. join in the fun this saturday...april 21st for walk m-s." the walk will take place at southbridge mall in mason city. registration starts at 9am with the walk at 10am. another walk is planned in our area may 5th at soldiers field in rochester. in studio 3 amy fleming kimt news 3. one airline is under fire after reportedly having over 1- hundred serious mechanical issues.
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