Flood Risk

With warmer weather on the way, some are fearful of flooding

Posted: Mon Apr 16 16:37:22 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Apr 16 16:37:23 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Flood Risk

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going through east park in mason are now re-open after being closed over the weekend because of high water. with more precipitation on the way along with warmer temperatures some are fearful of flooding. kimt news 3's alex jirgens is live at east alex how are the water levels tonight?xxx flooding and snow-lintro-2 katie - the river levels are significanly lower than they were over the weekend.. i spoke with people today who lived through floods in the past and hope this kind of precipitation isn't an indication of what's to come. xxx flooding and snow-lpkg-2 lowerthird2line:weekend flooding mason city, ia sandra willis is a life-long mason city resident. 10 years ago...she lived in the autumn park apartments on south pierce...which are on the east banks of cheslea creek. but when june 12th 2008 came around...she had to escape for her life. flooding and snow-lpkg-7 "we went through...we had to get everybody out of the apartments because of the flooding, and...we just had to get out of there." flooding and snow-lpkg-8 fast forward nearly 10 years later...last friday's storm brought 1 point 5 inches...causing willow creek and the winnebago river to go out of their banks...and forcing the city to close access to east park. the national weather service's des moines office also issued the first flood warning of the year. pam stemmerman is also a life-long mason city resident. lowerthird2line:pam stemmerman mason city, ia "whenever we get that much rain, you can anticipate that there's going to be...y'know, the river's gonna rise. but i think you combine it with the snow and the melting and the ice, the just compounded things." flooding and snow-lpkg-6 while she didn't receive damage because her house is on a hill...she is pleased with how the city has turned around flood protection over the last 10 years. "i think they've done quite a bit actually since the 2008 protect the areas that are more prone to flooding." now...willis hopes that this year's wild weather doesn't get any worse. "it's terrible. i don't want to go through that again." flooding and snow-ltag-2 on saturday the winnebago crested at 10 and a half feet. that's according to the u-s geological service. during the height of the 2008 flood...the winnebago river crested at 18.68 feet. live in mason city...alex jirgens...kimt news 3. / thankully we are not coming very close to that at the moment. thank you alex. lois
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