Towns handling feral cats

Towns handling feral cats

Posted: Mon Apr 16 03:54:36 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Apr 16 03:54:36 PDT 2018

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an iowa city is getting some attention for how they're handling their stray cat problem... k?i?m?t news three's emily boster is seeing how north iowa residents feel about jefferson police officers shooting and killing feral cats./// lelia vosburgh from clear lake says clear lake is lucky?? i don't think so i don't think we have cats out in the country and wander but i don't think we have a feral cat problem. from what she notices?? theres no issue with feral cats in town. in towns like mason city??if a feral cat is caught by animal control they'll head over to the stray animal shelter where after seven days if no one claims the cat and the cat doesn't seem adoptable?? they'll euthanize it. but in jefferson iowa??they're seeing large cat colonies popping up and are wanting to take care of the issue. i'm not really adverse to shooting cats especially if you think they're rabid but there's a lot that can go wrong with that. residents in jefferson are just finding out police were able to shoot a cat they consider unadoptable?? their ordinance stating if the animal is feral it shall be humanely destroyed. that policy is now changing?? police will no longer be shooting them. they could live trap them take them to a shelter and humanely euthanize them, spare and neuder then realize them. they are good for keeping rodents and stuff at bay, the town of jefferson is now reviewing their animal ordinances. and according to the mayor?? they're looking into obtaining a large cat holding area.///
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