Should kids be trained to use firearms?

A recent study found that more than 50% of children who live in a household with guns know where they are kept.

Posted: Tue Mar 20 15:58:25 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Mar 20 15:58:25 PDT 2018

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that was the what many parents had to say about the thought of teaching their young children about firearms. laura timm is a grandmother who says she can't wrap her head around teaching her grandson about guns. sot: kids and guns-pkg-7 i just don't think it's approperiate. i dont think guns should be commonplace in the household kids and guns-pkg-8 vo: timm says times may have changed... but not to the point that kids need to know about how to use guns. sot: when i was growing up people didnt have guns. it wasn't common for people to have their own shot guns or their own hand guns vo: the center for injury research and policy says more than half of kids who live in a household with guns know where they are kept in the home. ralph hettig owns a gun shop in rochester. he says he grew up around guns... and adds that kids learning about them will only help. sot: lowerthird2line:ralph hetting owner, wild goose sports inc. anybody that's got children whether they like guns hate guns or have no concern ought to have some training because you dont know where he's going to be ten years from now... twenty years from now. kids and guns-pkg-9 vo: timm isn't for kids learning how to shoot... but she says kids should learn to stay away from firearms. sot: kids should be taught that guns are not for playing not for handling not for touching. xxx kids and guns-ltag-2 the philadelphia children's hospital research institue reports that people who have access to firearms have a more than 3 times greater risk of suicide compared to those who do not own or have access to firearms. live in the rochester studio - jeremiah wilcox - kimt news 3. / thank you jeremiah. the research institute also found that 89 percent of unintentional shooting deaths among children occur in the home most of those deaths occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent's absence. /
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