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Food shaming bill making progress in Iowa Senate

Food shaming bill making progress in Iowa Senate

Posted: Tue Mar 13 05:31:05 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Mar 13 05:31:05 PDT 2018

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after a situation in a southern minnesota school district... so called lunch shaming is now on the minds of lawmakers in the midwest. now iowa lawmakers are now working to stop "food shaming" happening in schools and k? i?m?t news three's emily boster is seeing how they plan to do so. good morning emily. this food shaming bill would impact schools all across the state including clear lake schools where i'm at this morning. it would make sure no trays are dumped??or kids are publicly shamed for not having money in their lunch accounts. one parent i spoke to says she's happy to hear this is changing./// stephanie hassebrook doesn't have kids in school quite yet??just daycare. so when asked how she feels about kids in school getting food shamed for not having enough money for lunch?? i think that would be really embarrassing and probably really upsetting. hassebrook says that never happened to her. no i don't, anything like that ever happening when i was a kid. but you may recall ? it happened in stewartville minnesota last year ?? k?i?m?t news three covered the issue when parents came forward complaining their children's meals were being dumped if no money was in their fund?? which led to the school changing its lunch policy. the iowa house has approved a bill saying that food shaming will not be tolerated at any school. sometimes it's not a lack of funds. you can just forget and that would be really this bill would also change how parents are told about free and reduced lunch programs. right now ? parents in iowa get notified to apply once a year. this bill would make it so if a parent finds themselves struggling financially during the school year?? they could still have a chance to apply. live in clear lake??emily boster??k?i?m?t news three./// the next step for this bill is the iowa senate committee. if it passes there ? it would be up for debate on the senate floor.///