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The latest on the Rochester murder

Three are in custody.

Posted: Tue Mar 13 04:52:23 PDT 2018
Updated: Tue Mar 13 04:52:24 PDT 2018

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and watching kimt news 3's daybreak. today is (tuesday, march 13th, and the time now is xx:xx. let's get to your forecast now with kimt storm team 3 meteorologist jon rivas in the weather center... jon... this morning, rochester police are investigating a fatal shooting. and this is where it happened. in the 28?hundred block of charles court northwest. and that's where kimt news 3's annalisa pardo is. annalisa, what new information do you have this morning? tyler and arielle ?? late last night, we saw police take three people into custody. here you can see an officer walking a possible suspect in handcuffs towards a squad car. we've been checking in with police to get the names of those possibly involved. as of now, they have yet to be booked. this all happened near the "hylands" apartment complex in rochester around 9 o'clock