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Mason City vs. Mason City in the Big Dance

Iowa takes on Creighton Saturday night

Posted: Mon Mar 12 21:04:56 PDT 2018
Updated: Mon Mar 12 21:04:57 PDT 2018

Speech to Text for Mason City vs. Mason City in the Big Dance

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the last half decade talking about showcase moments for the girls basketball program at mason city. - tonight.... lets add another to the iowa women-vo-4 natural sound: iowa... cheer!!! lowerthird2line:mason city vs. mason city!! kimt news 3 sports - lets start with makenzie meyer and the iowa women.. they are the six seed in the kansas city region... and their first round opponent is creighton... myah mellman is in her senior year with the blue jays. - that means its mason city... against mason city.. in the big dance... a moment these players have been dreaming about iowa women-sot-gx-6 lowerthird2line:makenzie meyer iowa sophomore makenzie meyer: its hard to desribe, i didn't think, since we knew we were probably going to be in the tournament i didnt know how i was going to react, but once you see your name on the screen you start jumping for joy. iowa women-sot-gx-7 - lets hit the way back machine... to february 25th 2014.. the last time we saw myah and mak on the floor together. - the two won a ton of games together during their days with m-c... but this is going to be something special. - we've seen mohawk against mohawk in the regular season... but as their former head coach curt klaahsen tells us.. a big dance matchup... is a special day for the river last time we saw them-sot-3 last time we saw them-sot-2 curt klaahsen: both these two have worked really hard and put in a ton of time, were such great kids for our program, so see them play it out on the ultimate stage and play against each other is just a great thrill. spx fp 2 team score:ncaa women's basketball ncaa tournament (6) iowa hawkeyes logoncaaiowahawkeye ... - even though these teams are about four hours apart... their game saturday... is in los angeles california.. it's a 5 oh clock tip off. / minnesota women-gx-6