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Leaving IPERS intact

Being proactive when it comes to possible changes to public workers retirement.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 20:48:19 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 20:48:20 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Leaving IPERS intact

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coalition of retirement security is holding a town hall meeting tonight to try and be proactive when it comes to possible changes to public workers retirment - known as ipers. town hall-vo-1 town hall-vo-2 the purpose of the event held at micnider art museum in mason city is to try and explain the importance of ipers as well as come up with ways to be proactive to keep the law intact. many of those in attendence were members of local unions. jerry hageman of waterloo says he doesn't collect ipers - but thinks it's important to stay involved with what is going on after the collective bargaining law was passed last town hall-sots-1 town hall-sot-2 as we have seen in the state legislature and the local legislature uh governments, they are willing to take things away from workers. those hosting the event say there has not been any pieces of legislation citing changes to ipers yet this year - but say there has been a senate committee put in place.