Is gun violence a public health crisis?

The Minnesota Medical Association think so.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 20:46:46 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 20:46:47 PST 2018

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an organization made up of physicians are speaking out on the issue. the minnesota medical association released a statement today saying in part, assault weapons mma-vobpclip-1 assault weapons mma-vobpclip-3 "the mma considers gun violence a public health crisis and calls on policy makers at the state and national levels to step up and protect our health and safety." kimt news 3's brooke mckivergan is live in rochester with more details on the statement and how the community is reacting...brook e? assault weapons mma-lintro-2 katie- the mma doesn't want to ban all guns- just assault weapons and high capacity magazines like these. a high capacity magazine is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. i spoke with a member of our community and the president elect of the mma to get both sides of the story. xxx assault weapons mma-pkg-1 assault weapons mma-pkg-2 "in 2016 in the united states there were more than 30,000 people who died of gun violence and accidents" lowerthird2line:gun violence, a public health crisis? kimt news 3 dr. wood says the ban wouldn't completely eliminate all guns-it would just make them harder to get ahold of. "by looking at some common sense ways that we could promote responsible and safe gun ownership." cody keefer grew up with guns in his home believes the weapons are not the issue at hand. assault weapons mma-pkg-3 "it's more of the mental health that needs to be looked at instead of the guns and i think that's the road they need to take." assault weapons mma-pkg-5 while the two don't see eye to eye when it comes to a ban on assault weapons they can agree those with mental health disorders deserve access to the help they need. "its important that minnesotans who have mental disorders not be unfairly characterized in that way and that we also remember that its important that we get them the help they need when it's appropriate." keefer believes even if a ban were put on weapons-people would still find a way to them. "you can make them you can do it all yourself so you know even if we take assault rifles off the shelf, you know it's not going to matter." but dr. wood says there is a way to make sure we are promoting responsible gun ownership. "some of those things include making sure that we do thorough criminal background checks at the time of a purchase of a firearm or the transfer of a firearm that we enforce laws that would hold sellers accountable." assault weapons mma-ltag-2 dr. wood says the association does not wish to take away anyone's right to own a gun for sporting purposes. they just believe gun ownership should be seen as a responsibility. live in the rochester studio brooke mckivergan kimt news 3. thank you brooke. for the entire statement from the minnesota medical association just head to assault weapons mma-tag-2 kimt dot com and look for this story under local news.
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